Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tiktaalik- I

                   (My first attempt at a science fiction, read and comment if you like it)

George woke up with a start, his dream fading bit by bit like a far away land. He gulped and searched for his hot coffee to wet his dry throat, his blurry vision settled on a mug on the wad of papers that had filled the last 6 years of his life, he smirked while picking up his cold coffee for all those equations and calculation had seemed blurry even with his horn rimmed glasses till a night 8 months ago when epiphany had struck. He swallowed a sucrose filled coffee and put on his frames to see the results of the simulation. The bar showed 46% complete with an estimated time of 4 hours. He had been running hypothetical scenarios for controlled mutations for the past four months, each baffling him with the smaller and smaller chance of survival rate. The best organisms with small life span and huge number of individuals which had already been extensively studied on were E.Coli, so he put his wager on them. The Physics part of it was fairly easy, at least compared to the chance factors in the organisms. He checked his Swiss, the radium illumination which always reminded him of Nina. He set aside the manual and sleep walked into the wash room. The light was harsh on his dilated cornea, which contracted instantly. He sprayed some cold water over his face and stared into his eyes in the mirror. The tired eyes of a geek who had transformed from a lab rat to a celebrity, he had changed world view and was about to change the course of the world, or so people thought. The world that loved him from far away would never get to know the real George Will. In pure sense of honesty he felt no pressure of it, except on the face of public confrontation, where people’s awes accumulated a fear, a dark and crumbing emotion. His lab was another world where things were simple, where unknown lurked but did not scratch his back constantly.
   The craving for fresh air drove him out, into the ill maintained green house, on the terrace.  The skyline between his smoke puffs from his e-cigarette was soothing. Between puffs he drifted over time…..time that filled him full and emptied him, moments that had pressed him against the wall and moments those gave him wings to fly………..
It was his graduation year, his thesis was over and all he was doing was counting days. Mood swings were the trends of the time, so he and Karan, his mate has decided to put an end to shallow moods through the best feasible option- weed.  Fun was like the curve of Tan theta between 0 and pi by 2. Slow motion became a reality, ear to ear smiles got pasted onto their faces and thr escalation stirred his thoughts towards Nina.
'Nina……I just wanted to see her, talk to her, go on a long walk with her. She got me!!
Sometimes even more than myself!!........ If time would be right I could kiss her and blame weed..
So with Karan at shoulder I swirled around the campus like butterfly for the right flower. One of my expensively maintained spy, texted me her location - “ seminar hall ”. Some Paleontology hype about a fish that could walk, I couldn't care less. We entered the hall from back, when the speaker was shouting enthusiastically and urging the audience to chant the word ‘Tiktaalik’. Before my eyes adjusted to the dimmed lights Karan had spotted Nina…….my angel (sometimes shady). We made way through the seats of some awestruck sophomores, depressed post docs and absent professors. Found some doctoral students seated right behind Nina. Emptying the seats was easy, just intimated them that their guide was going crazy searching  for them. Through my eyes Nina was like the Sun in the solar system, all else was space.. ..empty space. She said hi! and I settled with a long breath filled with her pheromones. I whispered into Karan’s ear,” Don’t let me do nothing stupid!”. He nodded .
 All else was a blur that evening, except some picture perfect images. One was the taste of ripe strawberries, a close quartered stare into Nina’s eyes and a stupid graph, a distance v/s time plot of field of vision and geological time.'
    George shivered from the morning breeze on the terrace, his e-cigarette was showing a low battery and a chill went up his spine, he didn't know because of the breeze or Nina. As a science student, especially as physicist he was trained and told repeatedly, that miraculous minutes were myths, myths for the mad.  Life had held a lot of buts for him, this was one….. the day his life changed, the day he had borrowed money to get high and never paid back the debt, for it couldn't be paid in money. Walking back George saw the words "Staff Researcher" on his door, he always felt words could just not carry the weight of their meanings, their implications, words merely remained a medium and their realization was an idea, an idea that fills every corner, every inch, till it become the person and even more, trying to explain that in words in itself was a paradox.
 Back at his computer the loading bar showed 67%, for science took ideas, effort and most importantly patience. George sipped away stale coffee from his mug, with NASA printed on it.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Braveheart : She guides silently

       I don’t know what I want to tell everybody or myself……honestly I have no idea. Past few days I’ve accumulated some simple yet devastating ideas.
A middle class Indian girl who not just had the worst luck but was in the society, that waits for terrible accident to earn voice in their throats, under a government that maintains a passive ‘moun vrath’ and whose opinion is more sound than a medical experts opinions because it’s the government, some protesters in her support who beat a police constable to death and tarnish the effort of thousands of others.  
Our society consists of not just people but monsters in disguises
My Mother, sisters, friends, and all women should always go out with armed security – I don’t think just security is enough anymore.
I and a lot of people were too blind or had too much faith in our society
My government is the solution maker and executor, but can I rely on it for anything at all
Will my mourning make any difference here, now? What I do will make a change
In full sincerity am more ashamed to even think that I don’t have a viable solution to problems(that shall really be executed) happening around me. What use of my education? What use of this my mind and body that can form no practical solution but mourn and burn candles. I’ve listened to solutions and strong guidelines proposed by some experts. But I don’t have faith anymore…..for the sake of braveheart and all of us I would like to have some faith.
Am scared to think what parents shall go through if their daughter can’t attend their call.
When your sister can’t, friend can’t or any women for that matter
The kind of small issues girls will have to think, plan with out of proportion seriousness about before leaving home.
What happens from now in bus stop where a guy smiles at a girl casually?
What programs Karate class near your home shall launch for your mothers, sisters, daughters, friends etc.
If someone is hurt from any of my words, please get hurt and think why someone you have never known is writing so!! THINK

In the end I make a solemn promise and ask each of you to make one to protect all mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, for that matter all women from anything remotely dangerous and shall put extra effort to make sure they are safe yet not constrained, secure but not limited.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lost Treasure of Quotes:

An author is a blind man with the third eye

The mark of a great man is the quality to fit an hour's argument into a line and walk away with your heart

To choose between YES or NO is a beautiful girl's dilemma
And to convert a NO into YES is an intelligent man's dogma

A glass pane with two sides earns passer by's whereas a mirror with one earns endless sights

Sky's the limit and earths the start but how many know which direction to go.

To grasp reality, close your eyes and grope in darkness for is too well hidden for your eyes in plain sight

An inch long stone may not mash up your head but nevertheless
it may annoy you enough to get out of bed

Am afraid am lost, yet being so, is a sheer delight

A teacher is a bad moneylender who lends a principal and demands no interest

A gentleman is the one who reflects gentleness on women and manliness on men

Mature men take praise with a tie straightening and a big tight slap

I envy the last page of each book for it bids adieu and sheds no tears

All rational men remain common, except those who ignorantly gulp in a teaspoon irrationality

The greatest asset of being a human being is that you can wink and smile even at the onset of death.

With a lot of effort  found these quotes, for me it was worth it...... hope you enjoyed your share

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Honest Lies

Each second eats me rotten,
burning from deep down under,
in lies, truth lies forgotten,
the very existence runs a chill of thunder,
what !! what a blunder !!
hells so tender
Insecure in pain i surrender……..

Memories oozing out life inch by inch,
that’s my soul not bones crunching,
stand i can fore almighty with no flinch,
can’t withstand your flowing tears brushing,
its crushing!! tormenting !!
burning blistering am exposed naked……….

Life meant less to me,
today i mean lesser to it,
i want to shout out loud and flee,
but my vocal feel in two, slit,
am nothing more than a passing blitz,
now its time for time to freeze.
for deaths surrounding crease!!

for i am silenced in prayed abandoned in hope....willfully for hell i grope

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Still Waters

Blue shades glued to eyes,
Framing my lonely loss,
Mixed up in the seconds fuss,
My iron heart exposed to rust.

Behind my shoulder,
lies the unforgiving snow boulder,
Beyond my eyes,
It’s wet, consuming a soul’s slice,
Encompassed in my bones,
Burns a chill, freezing thy will,
Another moment flees,
There’s more, more emptiness to fill.

Its time’s skill of kill,
Empty yet natures will,
Alas, ironies blanks thy fill,
In silence, into serendipity,

Where another day dawns,
Grass greener in lawns,
Where smile fades melancholy of clowns,
Tears held back for another dark night,
Winning the battle, but loosing the fight,
Another moment seemingly bright,

Till another dusk,
In patience wait thy must,
For time shall come back to pry,
To wet the cheeks, widen the creeks,
Laying low, on knees ready to bow,
In hope, in pain,To rise again, to learn to grow.

Prevalent in square people's archive,
Its the circle of life.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Differential of an amateur biker

The amazing head light, the customized low handle, the bumper sticker and the roar of the engine………..the beastly beauty, my first motorcycle, my first love.
Am another kid from neighborhood in love with powerful machines specially bikes, roaming around with bike magazines, naming pets after bikes with posters all around his room ranging from Ninjas to Ducatis. When my uncle used to come around in his bullet, I used to sprint out for a small ride before he came in and begged for another at least once before he left.

In today’s choking world of numerous facets, where each moment holds an opportunity and a trap. In such versatile lifestyle some rare things remain constantly candid. ….Biking 
With too many choices floating around, too many pressures at bay to envelope in an instant, it’s the cheering ride, the lighter side. Takes our concentration off all the chaos and make life simple : Gears , accelerator and road.
The stress takes its toll so, some meditate, some pray, some flirt, some smoke but I ride…..ride long on open highways.
As a kid growing up, the three things that fascinated e most were guns, video games and BIKES. Bikes, their speed, royalty and of course the style. The notion of biking was seconded by movies and relatives and family friends with Bullets and Bikes. These and more instilled a fascination and hunger for two wheelers, I still remember the drives with dad, standing on the foot board areas of chetak with hands on handle, a fulfilling experience. Even today behind the handle i feel like the 6 year old kid , racing with the wind, caressed by the rain, escaping the hot sun's rays.
A lot of my friends sleep over decisions , I learnt to drive over decisions…….usually long drives give me a clear perspective, a better handle on myself, so if you are confused over something go on a long early morning ride, am positive you’ll be better off making that decision.
The art of biking in India may not be a way of life but its freedom from the daily chores. A long drive on the motorcycle is a ‘REFRESH’ button for the limbo of everyday. It’s the buffer from the dull melancholies of dark days and from hyperactive swings of the bright days with excess energy to spend.
Ending in my Uncles words :  “ To fill the insides empty hole, my boy sit back and go on a roll “
BTW: My passion is my passion plus

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Another one bites the dust

No majnu, no romeo,
none the less, worth a cameo,
lost in the intricate details,
battered by beautie's hails,

In tender care,
very precious and rare,
little innocence,
along comes a pinch of dare,
all in all a beautiful affair.

No beards involved,
no pegs, no puffs evolved,
into ecstasy he's enthralled,
one moment he's bold another cold.

A freshness in his tone,
a sparkle in his eyes,
vibes of love all along,
drive of passion of an unsettling dice.

 Makes me long ,
makes me realize am alone,
but there i get a pat on my back,
i smile for there will be friends till am gone...