Saturday, December 29, 2012

Braveheart : She guides silently

       I don’t know what I want to tell everybody or myself……honestly I have no idea. Past few days I’ve accumulated some simple yet devastating ideas.
A middle class Indian girl who not just had the worst luck but was in the society, that waits for terrible accident to earn voice in their throats, under a government that maintains a passive ‘moun vrath’ and whose opinion is more sound than a medical experts opinions because it’s the government, some protesters in her support who beat a police constable to death and tarnish the effort of thousands of others.  
Our society consists of not just people but monsters in disguises
My Mother, sisters, friends, and all women should always go out with armed security – I don’t think just security is enough anymore.
I and a lot of people were too blind or had too much faith in our society
My government is the solution maker and executor, but can I rely on it for anything at all
Will my mourning make any difference here, now? What I do will make a change
In full sincerity am more ashamed to even think that I don’t have a viable solution to problems(that shall really be executed) happening around me. What use of my education? What use of this my mind and body that can form no practical solution but mourn and burn candles. I’ve listened to solutions and strong guidelines proposed by some experts. But I don’t have faith anymore…..for the sake of braveheart and all of us I would like to have some faith.
Am scared to think what parents shall go through if their daughter can’t attend their call.
When your sister can’t, friend can’t or any women for that matter
The kind of small issues girls will have to think, plan with out of proportion seriousness about before leaving home.
What happens from now in bus stop where a guy smiles at a girl casually?
What programs Karate class near your home shall launch for your mothers, sisters, daughters, friends etc.
If someone is hurt from any of my words, please get hurt and think why someone you have never known is writing so!! THINK

In the end I make a solemn promise and ask each of you to make one to protect all mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, for that matter all women from anything remotely dangerous and shall put extra effort to make sure they are safe yet not constrained, secure but not limited.

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