Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lost Treasure of Quotes:

An author is a blind man with the third eye

The mark of a great man is the quality to fit an hour's argument into a line and walk away with your heart

To choose between YES or NO is a beautiful girl's dilemma
And to convert a NO into YES is an intelligent man's dogma

A glass pane with two sides earns passer by's whereas a mirror with one earns endless sights

Sky's the limit and earths the start but how many know which direction to go.

To grasp reality, close your eyes and grope in darkness for is too well hidden for your eyes in plain sight

An inch long stone may not mash up your head but nevertheless
it may annoy you enough to get out of bed

Am afraid am lost, yet being so, is a sheer delight

A teacher is a bad moneylender who lends a principal and demands no interest

A gentleman is the one who reflects gentleness on women and manliness on men

Mature men take praise with a tie straightening and a big tight slap

I envy the last page of each book for it bids adieu and sheds no tears

All rational men remain common, except those who ignorantly gulp in a teaspoon irrationality

The greatest asset of being a human being is that you can wink and smile even at the onset of death.

With a lot of effort  found these quotes, for me it was worth it...... hope you enjoyed your share

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  1. rey mundu google chesi akkada leni quotes rasava enti..anduke nenti anta confident ga aa offer petavu :P lol

    1. nana raghudeep ..... urkine ichestaru mari ...btw google cheyale chala atlu ki

  2. Great collection Abhishek! Following you:)