Monday, July 2, 2012

Honest Lies

Each second eats me rotten,
burning from deep down under,
in lies, truth lies forgotten,
the very existence runs a chill of thunder,
what !! what a blunder !!
hells so tender
Insecure in pain i surrender……..

Memories oozing out life inch by inch,
that’s my soul not bones crunching,
stand i can fore almighty with no flinch,
can’t withstand your flowing tears brushing,
its crushing!! tormenting !!
burning blistering am exposed naked……….

Life meant less to me,
today i mean lesser to it,
i want to shout out loud and flee,
but my vocal feel in two, slit,
am nothing more than a passing blitz,
now its time for time to freeze.
for deaths surrounding crease!!

for i am silenced in prayed abandoned in hope....willfully for hell i grope

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