Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Differential of an amateur biker

The amazing head light, the customized low handle, the bumper sticker and the roar of the engine………..the beastly beauty, my first motorcycle, my first love.
Am another kid from neighborhood in love with powerful machines specially bikes, roaming around with bike magazines, naming pets after bikes with posters all around his room ranging from Ninjas to Ducatis. When my uncle used to come around in his bullet, I used to sprint out for a small ride before he came in and begged for another at least once before he left.

In today’s choking world of numerous facets, where each moment holds an opportunity and a trap. In such versatile lifestyle some rare things remain constantly candid. ….Biking 
With too many choices floating around, too many pressures at bay to envelope in an instant, it’s the cheering ride, the lighter side. Takes our concentration off all the chaos and make life simple : Gears , accelerator and road.
The stress takes its toll so, some meditate, some pray, some flirt, some smoke but I ride…..ride long on open highways.
As a kid growing up, the three things that fascinated e most were guns, video games and BIKES. Bikes, their speed, royalty and of course the style. The notion of biking was seconded by movies and relatives and family friends with Bullets and Bikes. These and more instilled a fascination and hunger for two wheelers, I still remember the drives with dad, standing on the foot board areas of chetak with hands on handle, a fulfilling experience. Even today behind the handle i feel like the 6 year old kid , racing with the wind, caressed by the rain, escaping the hot sun's rays.
A lot of my friends sleep over decisions , I learnt to drive over decisions…….usually long drives give me a clear perspective, a better handle on myself, so if you are confused over something go on a long early morning ride, am positive you’ll be better off making that decision.
The art of biking in India may not be a way of life but its freedom from the daily chores. A long drive on the motorcycle is a ‘REFRESH’ button for the limbo of everyday. It’s the buffer from the dull melancholies of dark days and from hyperactive swings of the bright days with excess energy to spend.
Ending in my Uncles words :  “ To fill the insides empty hole, my boy sit back and go on a roll “
BTW: My passion is my passion plus

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  1. Certainly, a long ride is like a Refresh buttons that rejuvenates entire being... :)

  2. "The stress takes its toll so, some meditate, some pray, some flirt, some smoke but I ride…..ride long on open highways."

    Very true mate :)