Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Home sweet home!!!
                A restless semester, ranging from stressful classes, pointless panics, countless excuses all behind the scenes now.  A chilly restless night and silent smiles gets you home, showers in the city, pave way with the muddy smell that penetrates straight into your heart, the long shower and light in people’s eyes just dissolves the time. Peaceful and lazy times,  times golden as they say.
                The elegant sunrise,  noise from the kitchen with smells divine, refreshing days and early nights trace out to idle times when in a corner of one’s mind a devil creeps up with smirks, the melancholic demeanor sets upon with time like sun sets off in the infinity in no time. Those hours stretch into void times with routine staring into the eyes, sleep becomes the only rescue from the dreadful comfortable convection of day. Illusions run up the sleeves with stupidity regulating the way.
                One such evening, staring right into the empty ocean, time rolled at will against tide, with darkness overpowering the light of day. Deep philosophical questions became the quest of nature responding with deserted beach and sleepy people. Sleep had abandoned me into a limbo so familiar that felt like a friend in deed. Binoculars at hand all was visible was darkness within and beyond. Tired of spotting moon in a cloudy night, I had given up. Just to heighten my spirits came a wave of thunders far far away in the open ocean, like disco light of the black and white era.
                Gazing through my binoculars spotting the waves in the dark within thunderous shouts passing the time, a chilled rush of breeze filled my breath and my eyes caught magic for a moment . Between magic and maniac, oh boy was I struck and lightning was just refusing to pass by me. Moments passed but stayed up till eternity, time had stopped so had my heartbeat. Was it fear or just wonder, understanding was beyond my reach. Taking rapid breaths I waited in patience with my binoculars focused and there it stuck again, lighting like ivory from paradise itself.
                My glued eyes took in all I could and there she was, jet black flowing hair covered her face , cherry red lips,  in pearly white outfit , in soft sands was a visual grandeur, teasing the waves , diming the stars, the angel herself, lost in ecstasy of life. A hope of divinity for lost souls. All ending with a blissful apocalypse inside me. Darkness again like deep below the hell self. But my insides were burning for thunder and I knew it wouldn’t be long. Momentarily , my eyes filled with surprise, joy , peace…perfection, I had never believed in such existences, impatient eyes with the warmth of moon, dearth of the lively sight, with eternity the endless fight, momentary life’s deep insight, for a instant of light.
  Wishes turned to commands pouring drops of holy water with ease.
Still meant mighty that moment, those large ruby like eyes, dimple studded cheeks just carved fresh from dexterous sculptors from far away worlds. Beauty in its finest, filling empty dark corners in hearts, the momentous sight filled sparkling eyes with chi that overflowed into my veins, pumping my blood at lightning speed……..elegance of life indeed. 
                Abhshek……Abhishek…..oi Abhishek…come on in mosquitoes are at large…..close the door. Perspiring in the coastal wind , I staggered into the living room, put on the idiot box and progressed into different degree’s of boredom in holidays laying lifeless drifting into darkness of limbo.
Holidays sometimes can get very boring indeed….!!

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