Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trails in darkness

pages turning,
eyes staring,
heart racing,
life captured in ink fonts,
senses dimmed the remarkable nature of surroundings, expressions seemed exaggerated in persona
Magnifying scales. Touchdown nailed the suspense to the cross-section of the conjecture,
shortening the breath, lengthening the lines, time in books has no normalizes, words can cover
centuries and pages fail to describe moments, out of the expertise, the trained eye caught the
immaturity ,  but freshness overcast its shadow beyond reaches. The word irony had turned a synonym
to  coincidence, sadly orthodox lifestyles were beyond the verge of repair so along was the neatness,
precision, quality of English language. The schools had no hardcore verbal wresting, no everlasting
Tussles, well the era of faith was headed south, people had somehow learned to care no more.
Crime rates had come down by who understood crime anymore.  A bullet inducted shot was welcome rather gladly for lease of peace was long over. The trail of thoughts had jumbled through darkness and emerged erratically at aimless arenas. Thus serves time into deeper crazes , merrier places.

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