Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Mark

lot of words come to me,
only a few feelings creep,

abundant songs touch my lips ,
only a few go down my heart,

lots sounds ring my chords,
only few go through my will,

a lot of people be the part of me,
only its them am part of, make me,

out there's lot of buzz,
not that these moment last for ever,
just like a flowing jazz,
i wanna a heart thats light and clear,

bleaking through the broken glass,
with whisky full, a little less,
staring straight at the moment at best,
all else is hole just under my chest....

not that i chose this way,
may be far away someday,
when luck runs low on a saturday,
i'll blink and cry that day.

I'd rather choose to bear,
than, let go of pain so dear,
taking my chances i'd dare,
face up or behind the back door, shall i lure.
if not prevention, ill find the cure

notion of existance is not just me,
but i'll choose to be or not to be,
like light in day, or shadows in dark
i promise, i'll survive with a mark.

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